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As Egypt’s second largest city, Alexandria has a lot to offer tourists and people who have travelled to Egypt for business. Alexandria is full of people of many different ethnic groups and is sure to entertain anyone who is looking for a piece of wonder on the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria is full of opportunities to glimpse into it’s rich history. There are many historic events that have taken place in the city, and it was originally founded by Alexander the Great. In 331 BC, it became the Graco-Roman capital of Egypt. While it isn’t anymore, the city still stands and functions to represent the immensity of it’s past. It was second only to Rome in terms of city size and financial backing.

You can get around Alexandria by car, bus, or tram. Just like other modern day cities, this city is as technologically developed as the rest. Maybe not as grand as the United States, but it holds it’s own. As far as things to visit, there is the Citadel of Qaitbay, which represents itself as one of the icons of the city. It was built in 1477 AD, and still stands to this day. Functionally speaking, this citadel was used to protect the city from crusaders who used to attack the city by means of the sea.

The Cemetery of Mostafa Kamel is another site you can check out. It has historical significance as a burial ground from the second century BC. The burial sites are still in excellent condition and are still decorated lavishly. Mostafa Kamel, who made the cemetery famous, is known as one of the political legends of the twentieth century.

Another famous spot is the Roman Catacombs, adorned with Roman and Egyptian iconography. Be careful walking here and possibly bring along some boots as the ground can get pretty muddy.

Pompey’s Pillar is an ancient monument that you may find fascinating. It’s a 25 metre high granite column that stands to honor Emperor Diocletian from AD 297. And, close by, is the El-Saa3a shopping center. Famous for their extravagant choices in clothing and accessories. Many different types of cloth can be found here, so many it will amaze you.

The Roman Theatre, built in the 2nd Century, may also be of some interest. 13 semicircular tiers made of white and grey marble make up the spot where people could sit.

But hey, if you aren’t much of a history buff, there are some modern amenities you may want to check out. The Corniche is full of casinos built on stilts and beach huts. You may find it fun to play a few games at their tables and experience some modern lifestyle offerings.

The The Mahmudiya Canal allows you to come face to face with the working district of the currently functional Alexandria. You’ll find a zoological garden, a fine arts museum, museum of natural history, and a Rose Garden.

If more gardens are your thing, the Muntaza Gardens may be worth a visit. Featuring 15 miles of Alexandria old district where a great deal of the Alexandria hotels are located, you’ll also see some of the heritage hotels kept in working order. There is also the magnificent Muntaza Palace to check out. Check out the other Egypt Tourist Attractions before your travel.

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