Aswan Egypt Attractions

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Aswan, Egypt is full of fun and exciting things to do. If you’re looking to plan a vacation to this wonderful spot on the map, you’ll be pleased to know about the many Aswan hot spots that have made this wonderful city famous.

Not only is this city one of Egypt’s most popular places to visit, there is also an incredible amount of construction and development that have gone on, providing tourists and locals with more things to do than they can count.

One of the first things to check out on a trip to Aswan would be the Abu Simbel. There are more positive reports about this incredible structure than ever before. You can count on your trip here to be money well spent. If you travel by coach, on the way to the Abu Simbel, you may be fortunate enough to see one of the famous mirages in the desert. These mirages play tricks on the eyes, creating a visual feast of illusion.

If you go in a tour guide or group, you’ll have a few minutes to take photos of the outside of the temple first. The interior of the temple is somewhat small for groups, but you should have no problem getting some pretty nice pictures. There is a lake that surrounds the temple, called Lake Nasser. People say it’s a beautiful site, being one of the few bodies of water in the desert that still exist. The inscriptions, carvings, and statues that makes up the visual effects of Abu Simbel are simply magnificent. The Pharaoh Ramses II owned this temple and you get the chance to see it first hand!

If you’re looking for an all inclusive tour, then look to the Glory of Nubia. These tour guides man a felucca, which is another name for a boat, and are very professional. They can take you on tours of Aswan, Nile cruises to Daraw, Kom Ombo, and Edfu. Time spent on the boat is fantastic, with only the finest in cakes, tea, and food being served. Many people say they feel very pampered when spending time on the Glory of Nubia. As far as guided tour ships go, this is one of the best there is.

For those looking to do a little shopping, the Aswan Market is a perfect spot. Featuring only the finest herbs, spices, textiles, souvenirs, and Nubian baskets, there is more goods here than you can shake a stick at. There is also fine clothing, jewelry, and more. This is a perfect spot to spend a few dollars and get some genuine items from the country of Egypt.

There is much, much more that Aswan offers. Some of it is historical and some of it is more modern based. It’s an attractive combination of the two, and people seeking a little bit of both will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of things to do here. While it isn’t as spectacular as the Sharm El Sheikh or as historical as the pyramids at Giza, it does have its significance, historically speaking. Modern construction has made it possible to enjoy some night life and modern city fun as well. Check out the other Egypt Tourist Attractions before your travel.

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