Belize Tourism Village or the Museum of Belize

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Belize City Attractions: Belize Tourism Village and the Museum of Belize

Are you planning to visit the beautiful country of Belize? If so, then you cannot miss the Belize Tourism Village or the Museum of Belize. First let’s discuss the location of Belize Tourism Village, which is essentially the first place you should probably visit. There is is so much to do and see here, you will likely return to the village more than once to take everything in and do everything you want to do while visiting the area. Tourism Village is situated on the north bank portion of Haulover Creek in the Fort George district, known for its beautiful scenery.

The Belize Tourism Village is bright, which is one of the first things you’re sure to notice. This air-conditioned arrival station is cool escape from the sweltering outdoor temperatures, and has something to delight everywhere you turn. The village itself is not that large, but packs a lot into its space. More than 800,000 cruise ship guests visit the village annually. It is constructed much like a strip mall set beside the water. And like your average mini mall, this area has a diverse range of places to shop and eat.

For example, at Tourism Village you will find designer shops selling luxury merchandise. Then there are small boutiques and shops owned by locals that sell handmade crafts and jewelry, souvenir T-shirts, seashells, cigars and alcohol. There are a plethora of restaurants both casual and fine along with grills and bars also located here. If you need an Internet hookup, a car rental or a currency exchange, the village is the place for that, too. Some days there is live music on the dock for the benefit of the cruise ship passengers visiting the village.

Another location you simply must visit when in Belize is the Museum of Belize. It is located downtown on Gabourel Lane and on the same property as the Bank of Belize, so it is definitely not hard to find. One interesting fact about the building itself is that it served as a colonial British prison until 1993. Today, the building is home to some of the finest artwork in the world and plenty of local art as well. For historical value, one prison cell has been left as it was to give tourists a look at how the building used to be when it was a home for criminals.

The first floor of the museum, where the historic death row cell is located, also houses all kinds of local art. On the second floor of the museum are Mayan artifacts and a room set aside for special exhibitions, for example insect life of Belize. These two Belize City attractions — Tourism Village and the Museum of Belize, are two of the first places you should visit whether you arrive in Belize by cruise ship or airplane. From there, the country offers vast wonders to explore ranging from fun beach activities to tours of ancient ruins. Explore more top Belize Tourist Attractions.

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