Belize Zoo and The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Amazing Wildlife of The Belize Zoo and The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

In 1983, the Belize Zoo was founded to serve as a home for animals used in documentaries who needed refuge. Soon after, zoo founder realized that even locals were not familiar with all the different animals who call Belize their home. This was the catalyst for developing the small refuge into a zoo and wildlife educational center. Today, the zoo has more than 125 native animals and spans 29 acres. Receiving over 15,000 students annually, the zoo has all kinds of educational and fun programs and events for kids to enjoy.

The Belize Zoo is going to be the closest look you’ll get to the remarkable rainforest mammals. In the wild, they remain carefully concealed. There are around 145 species of mammal in the country, and 5 different species of wildcat hailing from the Maya Mountains. Another type of animal the zoo has plenty of are birds. Belize is a haven for 543 different bird species, so bird watchers will never get bored here! At the zoo you can view such avian varieties as the toucan, finch, stork, parrot and macaw just to name a few of the feathered beauties found here.

In Belize, there are 139 species of reptile, making for a fascinating zoo exhibit. Reptiles are cold blooded animals which lay eggs and are covered with scales. The zoo also features amphibians, who can live on either land or water and do not have scales covering them. The Fer-de-Lance is the deadliest snake in the entire country, which you can see safely at the zoo. Boa constrictors, which are virtually harmless when handled properly, are commonly used in reptile education programs and exhibits. The reptile education programs teach the worth and value of these misunderstood creatures who naturally keep the potentially harmful pest population at bay.

Another must visit location for animal lovers is the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. This neotropic site is the pace for bird watchers as there are an incredible number of avian species found here. You really can’t mention the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary without also mentioning the Bird’s Eye View Lodge, which offers guided tours by foot or even by boat. Exotic birds of the neotropical variety are right by the shore, only feet from the Lodge. There are storks, egrets, herons, and more. The lodge also offers crocodile tours for the adventurous.

The wildlife of Belize is as breathtaking as the country itself. Everywhere you look there are scenic wonders to marvel at. Not only are the animals a must-see, you can’t miss the gorgeous tropical plants and flowers that grow here. This plant life is important to the wildlife of Belize because it provides shade, camouflage, food and in some cases housing. With the conservation efforts of the Belize Zoo and the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, the animals here have an opportunity to thrive. Belize also has its share of protected botanical gardens as well. Explore more top Belize Tourist Attractions.

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