Caye Caulker Island Belize

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Caye Caulker Island

Caye Caulker Island in Belize is located just off of Belize City. On early maps attributed to the British, the island was spelled Cay Corker. The most noteworthy historical fact about the island is the bounty of fresh water at La Aguada, a spot where sailors once gathered to refill the fresh water in their corked bottles. There are few residents on the island, however it is a prime location for agriculture and fishing. Coconut and lobster are two big exports. Not totally unpopulated, Caye Caulker island is a quaint place dotted with locally owned restaurants, boutiques and other businesses owned by natives and settlers.

There are many different cultures represented on the island, which gives it the patchwork flair that is so loved. For example, some of the people on the island are Mestizos, descendents of the Mayans. They are the founders of the island. The Garifuna are another people you’ll find on the island. They are descendents of Indians who escaped a slave ship, and part of their rich heritage is their music and dancing. Some residents of the island are Creole, while others are Mennonite, a religious group renowned for their fine furniture craftsmanship. Then there are the tourists, who decide to call Caye Caulker island their new home and thus become locals.

There are celebrations and festivals on the island all year round. For example, in February the vibrant event known as Carnival takes place prior to Lent. In March there is a well known fishing tournament, while in April Easter festivities are in full swing. Independence Day is celebrated in September, which is always a noteworthy event. There are pageants, parades, fireworks and more. Garifuna settlement celebrations take place in November, while in December there is of course celebrations for Christmas and New Year’s.

When it comes to tourist activities, Caye Caulker Island has plenty of them. The fine beaches provide ample opportunity for sunbathing and beach sports like volleyball, parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Snorkeling and scuba diving here is like no other experience — the underwater world is a vibrant haven for all kinds of colorful and fascinating undersea life. And don’t worry if you’ve never been before, there are instructors on the island who specialize in taking beginners on their first expedition. Other water bound activities include surfing, sea kayaking and fishing. Manatee tours are also popular for those who want to glimpse these gentle giants.

If your idea of a good time is staying on land, Caye Caulker island has lots to offer in this area as well. The breathtaking landscape is home to amazing wildlife, so nature walks and birdwatching tours are extremely popular with tourists in this area seeking to relax while taking in spectacular scenery. If you love to shop and eat (and who doesn’t?) the island offers all kinds of different shopping establishments and restaurants, where you can sample all kinds of different cuisine and pick up one of a kind trinkets to commemorate your stay on this little piece of paradise. Explore more top Belize Tourist Attractions.

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