Central Market in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Central market in Kuala Lumpur is a big shopping spot for visitors. The central market is located at Jalan hang kasturi and it was built in 1888 and originally used as wet market. Afterwards this central market was classified as a heritage site by the Malaysian heritage society and now this market is a land mark for Malaysian culture and heritage. The central market in Kuala Lumpur is a cultural shopping center and it is the best place to witness Malaysian culture.

It is situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and this market is an entertainment and recreational hub for local citizens and tourists from various part of world. Central market projects insight to incoming visitors with a local diversified culture like fortune telling, wayang kulit, the shadow puppet show and other cultural speciality which gives an overview of Malaysian culture.

With the rapid change and commercialisation in every field, a person can still find much of the Malaysian culture retained in the arts and crafts sold in the central market. Unlike other sky scrapers in Malaysia, the central market holds a remarkable position reflecting the cultural heritage of Malaysia. The central market is a shopping destination centre for Malaysian products like handicrafts, art, kebaya, batik, songket, and also offers a wide variety of Malaysian cuisine. But with the changing life and situation several other facilities are provided to improvise and upgrade the central market which includes a number of food and beverage outlets. The central market also offers local streets performances which is the attraction of tourists and the citizens there. It also showcases many stalls in style ranging from personalised key chains, boards, t-shirts, antique replicas, costume jewellery to beautiful paintings.

The central market of Kuala Lumpur gives a vivid picture of the art and crafts of the city and shows the real cultural heritage through its products. The central market also celebrates all the traditional festivals of each race in Malaysia to preserve the cultural heritage. This place attracts a number of tourists and is a favourite holiday destination for tourist from all part of world because the central market shows the basic culture of Malaysia which cannot be seen elsewhere. The colourful Malaysian traditional cultural and arts events are presented at the central market which is a good source of entertainment for the tourists and the locals. The central market also supports the local contemporary arts in the Annexe gallery.

The central market is a must visit centre for tourists and visitors showing culture, art and beautiful handicrafts. In the central market, there is an exciting range of 120 quaint shops featuring beautiful traditional arts and crafts from gold embroidery to silver ware, pewter, potteries, Chinese paintings, silk clothes, nyonya, antiques, Keris, kites, wood craft, carving and many more stuffs. There are places for gambling and casinos in the nearby area. So this place is a perfect holiday destination for a tourist. The central market gives a vivid image of Malaysian culture and a good holiday destination for those who are curious to know about the Malaysian culture. Lots of things to do, check out more Malaysia Tourist Attractions.

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