Doha Cornich “waterfront promenade”

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Doha Cornich "waterfront promenade"The Doha Corniche is a popular tourist attraction in Doha for both visitors to the country and the locals. It is a waterfront promenade that extends for a few kilometers along the Doha Bay in the capital city of Doha. It is also a thoroughfare that connects the West Bay business district with the south side of the city and the Doha International Airport.

During sunrise is the best time to visit. The view is absolutely breathtaking. There is always a lot of people around, so meeting new friends and connecting well with old ones is incredibly easy. If you’re wanting a beach side place to just take it easy for awhile, the Doha Corniche works really well for that.

Walking along the Corniche is very popular. You can find all kinds of people just strolling their cares away along the waterfront. Not only is it good exercise, but you can take in the scenery of one of Dohas most valued places to visit. It’s very relaxing, watching the sailboats go by and knowing that people are enjoying themselves. Jogging is especially popular as well.

The Doha Corniche is without a doubt one of the most attractive areas of the city. Many of Dohas famous landmarks can be found along the Corniche. The development of the metropolitan area around the Corniche has increased drastically in the last couple of years. There are new skyscrapers popping up all the time, and is close to many areas of interest.

The Museum of Islamic Art is right near by, allowing visitors more choice with what they want to do in the area. The sunset will be especially attractive to couples who want to enjoy some moments of togetherness while at the Corniche. The Sheraton Hotel is located within the Corniche, and they offer free wireless Internet to all their customers.

The car parking area of the Doha Corniche is a well known local hangout for motorcycle fanatics of the area. You can often see them pull out with an impressive exit, gaining attention and notoriety for their superb motorcycle skills. The area is well patrolled by police looking for people who don’t park in the bays. Make sure you park your car in one of the convenient parking spots so you don’t get a ticket.

There is a popular small cafe that is part of the Corniche, serving excellent fresh juices. They always spike their fresh fruit and vegetable juices with sugar, so be sure to tell them before hand whether or not you want it in your drink. You can hear the patrons honking their horns for service as the employees scramble to serve their customers quickly.

The Doha Corniche is a great place to spend a day, relaxing, enjoying the scenery. The local businesses provide enough extra things to do, so if you get tired of the view, be sure to pay them all a visit. Other than that, good luck with your venture to the incredibly popular Doha Corniche! This is not all their is, see more Qatar Tourist Attractions.

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