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About the Dubai Dolphinarium

The desert can be a sere, harsh, and desolate place. The Rub’ al Khali is one of the largest sand deserts in the world, covering 250,000 square miles. But in the midst of the endless stretches of sand and the brutal heat, there lies an oasis: Dubai. As one of the main emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has risen from the desert to become a hot destination for international travelers in more ways than one. Dubai offers all kinds of unique entertainments, and one of the most intriguing is the Dubai Dolphinarium. Ocean meets desert at this one-of-a-kind marine facility.

The Dubai Dolphinarium is sponsored and supported by the government of Dubai, and its main purpose is to serve the residents and businesses of Dubai, as well as to serve the many visitors and tourists to Dubai. It features three Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphins: Senya, Ksyusha, and Marfa. It is also home to four Northern Fur Seals: Ghosha, Max, Fila, and Siennia. That may not seem like many marine mammals for your entertainment, but the Dolphinarium still manages to provide visitors with an unparalleled spectacle of just how incredibly intelligent these animals are. You’re sure to be wowed by the antics of all of the residents of the Dolphinarium.

One of the most remarkable things about the Dubai Dolphinarium is the overall feel of luxury. The Dolphinarium features a 180° main arena that includes 1,200 cinema quality seats, complete with surround sound. Add in lasers and spotlights, and you’ve got the makings of a spectacular visual show unlike any other. Add in the stars of the show, the dolphins, and you’ve got an event. The facilities also include three training pools, a medical pool in case one of the dolphins falls ill, and a separate seal pool enclosure.

But the Dolphinarium isn’t just about fun and games. It’s also about education. There are three classrooms and a multimedia room on the premises, which serve as the home base for the Dolphinarium’s educational programs and activities for children. When a child sees into the world of a dolphin for the first time, it’s a truly amazing experience. Many children are changed forever by the knowledge that there is an entire world underwater that mankind is only just beginning to really explore. And adults will feel like kids again as they experience the wonder and magic of the Dubai Dolphinarium. This is just one of many UAE Tourist Attractions.

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