FB Stables in Cairo Egypt

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The FB Stables are only 20 minutes away from Cairo. There are many Egyptian Arabian horses that you can ride to make a world class horse back riding trip. All of the riding tours are tailored to suit each individual, and people can set their own courses of action. You can ride past the great pyramids of Giza and visit the great many pyramid structures in the area. You can take sunrise, sunset, or full moon riding trips, and you can be sure that your trip will be everything you ever dreamed. FB Stables takes pride in their ability to provide a quality riding experience for everyone. They take great care of their horses, feed them only the best food, and make sure the horses are real Egyptian Arabian bloodlines.

Taking a horse back riding tour with FB Stables will keep you away from the negative elements of Cairo. There are a lot of hustlers and people who want to take advantage of tourists because they think they are easy prey. The guided tour is fully protected by the tour guides, and you can be sure you won’t run into any trouble while your trying to enjoy your well.

There are half and full say safaris you can take across the desert with your horses. Don’t worry, you’ll be ready for anything. They are such a wealthy horseback riding tour that they can provide you with anything you need at anytime. How about a long ride past the Abu Sir Pyramids? These are located between Giza and Saqqara. A half day ride will provide you with tons of photo taking opportunities and some of the best riding company in the world.

The Zoser’s Step Pyramid at Saqqara is also a popular attraction. One a necropolis, this place is home to the oldest stone complex in history. Dahshour, home to the worlds first smooth sided pyramid, is also very popular. The Bent Pyramid is located there, and this is one of the little known places to visit even though there are millions of tourists who flock to this area every year.

You can make these horseback riding experiences a family outing or just come by yourself! This is a family owned business, and has been since they began. Their Web site has information on the entire family of people who run the stables and guide the tours. Founded by Farouq Breesh, his son primarily runs the stables and gets help with everything from his brother and his team of stable boys.

In addition to the incredible level of care they take in running their establishment, they have been at it for a long time. This means that every tour will go perfectly, as they know the trails very well and can help make an average trip great through their level of experience. Come see what the FB Stables are all about, and you’ll find yourself in the company of some of the healthiest horses in the world. The horses have a genuine love for people and recognize what they were born to do. Best wishes! Check out the other Egypt Tourist Attractions before your travel.

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