Fishing in Bahrain

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If you’re looking for tourist attractions in Bahrain to visit that have something to do with fishing or the sea, we have a few locations and things to do for you to check out. The first, if you really like scuba diving, should be to look up Scubamaster in Manama. The instructor there is wonderfully skilled in English and knows how to teach diving skills to novices. There is no better place to get diving instruction or to go out on the water with. He has a decent boat and dives with some of the most amazing people around. He also has a shop with lots of items to purchase and can instruct you as to what will be best for your own scuba diving expeditions. Even though Manama doesn’t have very many good diving locations, there are a few there that could easily fill a day of diving.

Al Jazaer Beach is a popular locale for diving, swimming, and boating. It is quite a rocky beach, so be sure to wear proper fitting shoes or sandals. The temperature at the beach is usually quite cool, but you can still find jet ski riders and boaters around because there is a yacht club right nearby. From Baisan Tower, you can see the marina and the many boats that inhabit it. It really is a pretty sight, and for those in love with water fairing people it’s not to be missed.

Because Bahrain is an island, it would be difficult not to associate the land with the sea. The early days of Bahrain had a lot to do with fishing and pearl diving, and if you look around you during your time spent in Bahrain, you will find there are still many boats and sea fairing people around.

Don’t worry. Bahrain is an island. There are plenty of places to visit in Bahrain that are rich with the history of the sea. No matter what, if you want off the island most likely you’ll be leaving on a boat. This means that most of the tourist attractions and places to visit have something to do with the island way of life. November-March in Bahrain is the best times to visit because the temperature is cool. The hot, dry conditions make it an unbearable place for some to visit during summer months, and all people visiting Bahrain are advised to dress for the weather.

There are many people on the island of Bahrain who are skilled in teaching new people and novices how to get around, but none of them are free. Just like anywhere else, tourists have to be careful not to associate with people outside of the tourism field. Their are similar crime rates, and in some places more so, than the United States. In Bahrain, the sea is a major part of their past, history, and future. Experience a bit of the culture surrounding the sea fairing way of life, and you too may fall in love with their past traditions. Not something you want to explore? No problem, check some more Bahrain Tourist Attractions.

fishing in bahrain: The waters surrounding Bahrain traditionally have been rich in more than 200 varieties of fish, many of which constitute a staple of the diet

fishing spots in bahrain: Al Dar Island do nice fishing boat trips if you don’t find a nice place. Coral Bay also has a lot of people fishing there and they seem to have a lot of space between them so you won’t feel cramped and crowded.

fish tank for sale in bahrain and fishing rod for sale in bahrain : A good starting point it a site such as or even facebook groups.

Fishing accessories in bahrain can be found at many stores but based on google reviews, a good one is located at Address: Building 1, Rd No 301, Al Hidd, Bahrain and is called Ocean 7 fishing Tackle & boat equipment. You could even take a look at their website for more information:

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