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Georgetown and its famous Casinos

One of the largest cities of Malaysia, Georgetown is the capital of the state of Penang. The island lies on the west coast of Malaysia. The town is best known for its relaxed and laid back environment. The city is almost devoid of any activity till afternoon and it can become challenging to find things to do on a weekend or a public holiday.

The city is well connected to the airport that is not more than an hour’s distance. There are regular buses plying to and from the airport or you can choose to take a cab as well. Tourists also have an option to use trishaws over a taxi or a bus to ride around the city. Some people also find it convenient to rent a scooter or motorbikes for their stay in the city. The city has a number of historical and religious sites that might attract your attention when walking around the city. Some well know heritage sites like Cheong FattTze Mansion have also earned UNESCO recognition.

Georgetown is mixtures of different religions so do not get surprised to find preachers and sites worship of a variety of different faiths. Apart from the excellent food the city has to offer, you should also benefit from the walking tours, which is one of the best ways to get to know the city and its culture better. For first time visitors, prices of most things you would want to buy might seem exorbitant but be street smart and bargain well. The local are smart are making out if you are a tourist and will definitely try to milk you at least once. Local street markets like Little India and Little Penang street market are a must visit on any tourist must see lists. There are a number of luxury and budget tourist hotels. You will find them throughout the length and breadth of the city and it is always best to enquire a few places before you check in to a hotel if you are on a tight budget.

The city might be slow and even sound a little dead during the early part of the day but is definitely buzzing with activity during nights. The nightlife of Georgetown has a lot of offer and you are definite to find something matching your interest and taste, no matter where you come from. For gambling addicts, there are attractive casinos in Georgetown, which are very popular among most tourists.

These casinos are full of activity on weekends when thousands of people come down to try their luck at these casinos. It is better to do a small research of the best casinos of Georgetown before you descent to the city. If you plan to spend a lot of time gambling, you can also choose to book a casino hotel, which are hotels, located to the best convenience of the casino guests. Lots of things to do, check out more Malaysia Tourist Attractions.

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