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Dubai Gold SoukThe Gold Souk is a traditional market located in Dubai. It’s located in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, a country with stores of wealth that can mesmerize and amaze their countries visitors and citizens. The Gold Souk is legendary for their selection of jewelry and the quality of their selections. With so much gold and jewelry on display, you’ll find it difficult to not be a little bit intimidated. As soon as you enter a shop, you can start trying to make a bargain with the shop keeper.

One user review has reported the following: Upon entering the Gold Souk premises, the buyer was immediately targeted by shopkeepers trying to make a quick sale. Of course, the Gold Souk is ravenous and competitive. Even if the shopkeepers weren’t offering an incredible bargain, it would still be far below retail price. Retail price for gold and jewelry is only high priced because jewelry stores are not in abundance. In the Gold Souk, that’s all they do. Gold and jewelry. It’s very likely that you’ll find jewelry bargains for as much as 40% off the retail price, simply because of the amount of jewelry for sale.

The Gold Souk has to remain a competitive place to do business, so the prices are always rock bottom. There is also never anything else but gold and jewelry sold there. Visitors are offered refreshments as part of saying thank you to their patrons.

The Gold Souk specializes in large, intricately crafted jewelry items. If you are looking for a simple bracelet or necklace, you’ll find them, but in less abundance as the bigger items. You must also be careful in the Gold Souk, because not everything is a bargain. There are fake designer handbags for sale, and other designer items, but not everything is priced with exceptional value.

People say that the gold in the Gold Souk is much yellower than gold sold elsewhere. The lighting that makes up the visually entertaining portion of the Gold Souk makes the gold look absolutely marvelous. If you can imagine hand made items that can’t be found anywhere else, glittering with gold, diamonds, and sapphires, then you would feel right at home in the Gold Souk.

Bargaining at the Gold Souk can be a lot of fun, and similar to an auction, the items can be had for much lower prices than you might expect. Not only that, but you could probably resell the jewelry for a fantastic amount back home. The same piece of jewelry in the United Kingdom will cost you nearly 5X what it does at the Souk.

All in all, there are hundreds of shops to choose from, each offering something special and different. Some people say that many of the shops are owned by the same people, so adding the element of informed strategy to your purchasing efforts wouldn’t be a bad idea. Bring a calculator as well, as over spending at the Souk can get pretty costly. Stick around for more UAE Tourist Attractions.

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