Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

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Things to do Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

Of all the cities in Saudi Arabia, there are not many that come to shine like diamond. There are diamonds in the rough, however, and getting to take a vacation to any of the highly populated cities in Saudi Arabia would equal a great vacation. You have to know the places in Jeddah that offer a great time. Going to Saudi Arabia completely clueless won’t do, so let us take a closer look at what Jeddah really has to offer.

Jeddah is not your run of the mill Saudi Arabian town. There are many places to go and experience, and the prices remain competitive because there is so much to do. One of the first areas you should check out is the Balad. Even single women travelling alone have reported wonderful experiences here. The atmosphere is safe enough and there is lots of stuff to buy. The Balad is full of the countries rich culture and past significance. Street sellers are always dressed in the traditional garb and know how to do business very well. Because business is so good, they even let their customers bargain for what they want according to their own price range. This makes for a fantastic soque-like experience that can really ignite your passion for street sales.

A second place of interest in Jeddah is the King’s Fountain. It’s an 853 foot fountain that is reputed to be the largest in the world. Not many people have got to witness this incredibly large fountain for themselves, but as long as your life is in perfect working order this will be a fantastic experience. The best time to visit this fountain area would be at night, because they illuminate the giant structure with lights that are pleasing to the senses. It also provides a fantastic photo opportunity, and not many people around the world, statistically speaking, have gotten to see this wonderful fountain first hand.

The next place of interest you may find fun in Jeddah would be the bicycle square. There, you can find a sculpture of a bicycle 50 feet high. This is pretty impressive, and one of the only places you’ll find something so lavish. At night, the giant bike is illuminated so that everyone can see it perfectly.

The Makkah Gate is also one of Jeddah’s most famous places to gather. There is a business center that is steadily busy around the clock and it also holds historic significance as the old headquarters of the Saudi Airport. Many people have visited this place and had great results.

The Floating Mosque has been dubbed one of the most beautiful places to worship. It seems to come right out of the sea from a distance, and coming up on it from a boat is truly fascinating. The Floating Mosque is also known as the White Mosque because of the white color of the building. The interior of the mosque is said to be beautifully designed with all the amenities available in our modern lifestyle like hot showers and numerous tourists come here year round to worship. That is just one attraction, see more Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions.

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