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A Guide to Jiuzhaigou Valley

In the Sichuan province of China lies the Jiuzhaigou nature reserve. This area is a prime example showing the diverse landscape of the country. Here you will discover breathtaking waterfalls and gorgeous lakes of bright blue. Found here are also quite a few Tibetan villages which gives you the opportunity to take in some of the Tibetan culture also. The Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest area was opened in 1984, and since that time tourists have came to the area in droves, with the revenue they produce comprising a big chunk of the area’s income. The Valley has the distinction of lying on the world’s highest tableland right among the Sichuan Basin and Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

Altitudes here are high and range from 656,168 feet to a whopping 14,107,612 feet. The Juizhaigou Valley is a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve, having been awarded this distinction in 1997. A big reason for this is not just the breathtaking scenery, but the lakes, waterfalls, plants and animals who reside here, some of which are endangered. Other titles awarded to this site include AAAA Class Scenic Spot, Green Globe 21 and a National Geological Park. It’s no wonder, as some of the spots found here are actually considered sacred by the local Qiang and Tibetan population.

The Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve is a popular tourist attraction, and although the wildlife and plant life found here is delicate there are plenty of resources for visitors to the area. It used to be a challenge for tourists to reach this area due to how isolated it was; that has changed thanks to the Jiuzhaigou Ring Way linking the Jiuhuang Airport with Chengdu so the reserve can be easily accessed. You can hop on a bus at Chengdu or take a flight to Jiuzhaigou. Traveling to the reserve itself is an experience, as you will make your way through gorgeous scenery and several popular attractions. For example, you’ll see Fou Maidens Mountain, the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and more.

There are a wide variety of incredible tours you can take advantage of when planning your trip to the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve. Perhaps the most comprehensive is the 14-day Fairyland Jiuzhaigou and Giant Pandas Tour, which gives you the opportunity to see everything of note you possibly can in this amazing area of China. Your tour begins when you are met by a guide at Beijing Airport and then you are off on your two week adventure. While in Beijing, you will have the opportunity to see the sights there, including the spectacular Forbidden City.

At the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, you get ample opportunity to see the striking scenery and of course take plenty of photos. Also you can view the majestic Giant Panda, the pride of China and an endangered species. There are much shorter tours than this one, for example you can go for a s little as one day, however if you want the ultimate experience this is the tour for you. That is not all, their are many more China Tourist Attractions to explore!

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