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The Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque in Dubai that non-muslims can enter. Even if you are not a muslim, you can take a tour of the mosque to learn what Islamic worship is all about. Even if you haven’t any idea what its about, you will find yourself welcomed by the volunteers of the mosque. If you would like, the volunteers go on to explain what the ritual worship of the mosque entails, and what you can do to be a part of the worship.

The architecture of the mosque is quite modern, and dubbed to be so beautiful, that more pictures are taken of this location than any where else in Jumeirah. This is a very impressive feat, considering there are many structures of high value throughout the land. Built along the medieval Fatimid lines, the structure is made entirely of stone. During the night time hours, the stone structure is cascaded in light, making it a visual feast for those fortunate enough to lay eyes on it.

The laws surrounding who can enter Muslim mosques and who can not are based entirely on religious belief. If you are not a muslim, you are barred from entering all other mosques except this one. In order to gain entry, you must be dressed conservatively and be part of an organized tour. People in Dubai take their religion very seriously, and religious laws are by no means relaxed. Having a strong hold on their religious sub-systems makes Dubai one of the most sought after places to worship in all of UAE.

What else does the Jumeirah Mosque offer their patrons? You can gain access to the mosque either by taxi or bus, and if you do, you’ll marvel at this modern day tribute to Islamic architecture. Many visitors have gained a deeper insight into what goes into becoming a Muslim, what it’s like to worship a culture and way of life, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Tours are provided on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. The cost of admission is 10DHs per person, and is created with the help of the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, a well known promoter of peace within cultural differences and the non-profit organization of choice for peaceful religious activity.

To give you an idea of their sacred religious beliefs, a ritual cleansing has to be performed before anyone may enter the Jumeirah Mosque for prayer. No pictures of life or living things are allowed to be displayed in the mosque except for plants, which are more suitable to be worshipped.

This mosque is one of the most popular places to worship in the United Arab Emirates. Getting a chance to see how Muslim people worship and getting a chance to be part of their religious practices is a cultural gift that many people can only hope to achieve in their life time.

No prior reservations are needed to attend the religious festivities at the mosque. Just don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering the mosque, as they are not allowed. This is just one of many UAE Tourist Attractions that you should visit.

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