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The Kingdom Tower, once called the Mile High Tower is soon to be constructed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The structure is only the first part of Kingdom City, a development with a price tag of $20 billion. The location of Kingdom City will be on the northern portion of Jeddah by the Red Sea. This tower, if successfully built to completion, will be the tallest building in the world. Original plans put the skyscraper at 1 mile in height, however the foundation was not suitable. The creator of the project is Al-Waleed bin Talal, a Saudi Price who heads Kingdom Holding Company and Jeddah Economic Company.

The projected height of the building as of today is no less than 3,280 feet. The exact specifications are being kept under wraps until completion. The building at that height would still be 568 taller than the monumental Burj Khalifa located in Dubai. As previously mentioned, the building would be a part of Kingdom City, to be constructed over 247,569,940 square feet north of Jeddah. It is estimated that completion will take ten years. The Kingdom Tower will serve as the focal point of the city as well as serve many practical purposes as well.

A Four Seasons hotel and Four Seasons apartments will be located in Kingdom Tower, as will upscale office space and luxurious condos. The building will even boast the highest observatory in the world. The architect in charge of the tower is Adrian Smith from Chicago, who designed the Burj Khalifa. An announcement on August 2, 2011 stated that the Saudi Bin Ladin Group had signed a contract and that construction would soon begin, with an estimate for completion in approximately five years.

The exterior of Kingdom Tower has a triangular shape is sloped to minimize wind. The tower gets wider as it meets the sea. There is a man made waterway and harbor to be constructed around the tower. The overall vision for the architectural look is a majestic plant of the desert pointing skyward to symbolize the positive future of Saudia Arabia. There will be a sky terrace with glass floors that overlooks the Red Sea for 2,000 feet. Also, it’s no coincidence that the city in which the tower is to be built, Jeddah, is the gateway into the holy city of Mecca. The district in which the tower will be located is to be called the Kingdom Tower Water Front District. The tower will raise the value of surrounding real estate.

Of course such a gigantic building is going to have a sophisticated elevator system. There is to be 59 elevators, five of which are double deck. There will be 12 escalators in the building. To reach the observatory, a high speed elevator traveling 33 feet per second will be used. The tower will also feature three sky lobbies for elevator transfers as none of the elevators go all the way from the top to the bottom. It is estimated that the tower will have more than 200 floors. As previously mentioned, there will be apartments and hotel rooms, office space, an observatory but there will also be a shopping mall, dining establishments and other businesses located in Kingdom Tower.

Kingdom Tower will also boast an outdoor balcony measuring 98 feet in diameter. This balcony will be reserved for use by the penthouse on floor 157. There’s no doubt that the Kingdom Tower will make history because of its height, and will be extremely popular because of its unique architectural design and everything it has to offer. An individual could realistically live and work in the tower with almost everything they needed in the building. The tower is sure to become a popular tourist attraction for travelers to the Jeddah area of Saudi Arabia. That is just one attraction, see more Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions.

how many floors in kingdom tower riyadh? Kingdom Centre (Arabic: مركز المملكة), formerly Kingdom Tower, is a 99-story, 302.3 m (992 ft) skyscraper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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