Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is one of the most sought tourist destination in the country. It is the place where natural heritage of Kuala Lumpur is at its best. Easy approach to tourist is another reason for its importance as it is only 10 min drive from city centre. It is the habitat of 2000 birds and has a species of around 200 birds. This is the reason tourist find themselves in the garden of natural beauty.

Since it is near the city centre all types of needed items are within approach of the bird park. It has an area of 20.9 acre approximately including beautiful valley and terrain. Whole Bird Park is divided into four zones where zone 1 and 2 is known as free flight zone, zone 3 is the hornbill park and zone 4 is where the birds are placed in separate cages. The best part of zone division is birds in zone 1, 2 and 3 are flying free and that is why they closely resemble their natural habitat. The above part is unique because there are fewer places where a visitor can see this number of species in their natural habitat and that too in such an organized way. This may be the best reason this place is so much liked by the tourist.

The other reason of tourist liking is because it is so much near to city centre, casinos and gambling places are also near to it, so they can let visit their children and nature lovers of their family and spend their time gambling nearby casinos. These all reasons make it a perfect place for tourists both who are nature lovers and who are not but their family is.

The main attraction when you step into the bird park is an ambience of tropical green forest can be felt just after entering the park. So the beauty of the tropical green forest will be readily felt here. Other places in the park which attracts tourist are feathered friend photo booth. There are many birds in the booth, to make your holiday little colourful. If you are a bird lover, then it’s a crime not to visit this place. There is ample knowledge about different aspects of bird which are valuable for education purpose also. There is a 30 feet tall waterfall aviary in the zone 4 of the bird park. It also presents the different aspect of nature. This zone is also sanctuary of a highly protected bird known as Milky storks. This part of the park is at its best at around 4:30pm when feeding of this highly rare species can be seen. The other popular birds in this area are Brahminy kites and parrots. There is much kind of colourful parrots present in this beautiful place. Some other places of interest are oriental bird aviary, flamingo pond. There are many species of flightless bird available here. The hornbill park is a joy to watch as it gives full view of tropical forest. Lots of things to do, check out more Malaysia Tourist Attractions.

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