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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and it is also known as fastest growing city of the country. As far as size is concern it is second largest city in Malaysia. In recent years it has developed into one of the fastest growing economies of the country. Prime reason for this development is its development as favourite tourist destination. The city which was a tin mining village some hundred years back is known to whole world for its beauty and history. The city population is around 1.8 million. The city is also known for one of the cheapest five star hotels in the world.

Most of the tourist comes to Kuala Lumpur through its international airport. Here international airport is the only place to land both for international as well as domestic flights. The international airport is situated in sepang district of Selangor. It is 50km from south of the city. The airport is well connected to the city by bus train as well as chartered vehicle.

Kuala Lumpur is also a great destination for casinos and gambling. All the casinos are 24 hour open. The minimum age for entering a casino is 21 and Malaysian Muslims are not allowed. Unlike other places there is dress code in casinos here. The other difference is drinking and cocktail waitress is not allowed. The games here are also different from other places casinos. Table games have choices like baccarat, roulette with some Chinese game such as tai sai and pai gow. Slot machines are countless in the casinos. The most famous casinos in the golden city are Monte carlo casino, Hollywood casino, Starworld casino. On the whole these casinos are complete package for gambling and trying luck. The point to be kept in mind inside the casino is no bags and lockers are available inside the casino. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the casino.

Kuala Lumpur is a large city and is divided into many parts. All the parts are equally important as tourist destination and there are other outer skirts of the city which are of great attraction for the tourist.

City centre is also known as traditional centre of Kuala Lumpur where colonial administrative centre was situated. The district has tourist destination such as Selangor club, sultan abdul samad building and Mardeka square. It is also known for old Chinese commercial centre so this place is also called china town. To the north east of the city centre there is golden triangle. This is the hub of the city’s shopping mall, five star hotels and party spots. To the north of the city is Tuanku Abdul Rahman chowk which is known for traditional shopping. This place is also known for gigantic Putra World Trade Centre. To the south of the city centre is Brickfields which is also known as little India because of saree shops and banana leaf rice restaurants. This is also an important place because of location of main railway station. The outer skirts of city are also important because of Baku caves, national zoo and forest research institute. Lots of things to do, check out more Malaysia Tourist Attractions.

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