Malacca – South of Malaysia

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It is one of the state of Malaysia which is the third smallest Malaysian state and located in south of Malaysia in Malay Peninsula. It has a combination of cultures of many nations such as Portuguese, Dutch, British and Chinese cultures. There are many activities for tourists so that they can feel this place as real tourist destination. The presence of local clubs and casinos make it perfect tourist destination. There are other things such as sleepy backwater.

Historical ruins are present for tourist to experience the place in different way and finding some valuable information from ancient ruins. There are rivers present so that tourist can exploit the beauty of water bodies. Since the city is mainly known for its ancient beauty, and combination of different culture, there is little presence of all the culture. For example roads of the city resembles with Chinese maze, and the city is full of temples and antique shops where items of different era can be easily found and definitely show the richness of the culture of this place.

Some of the building resembles the European colonial era. This place has one of the oldest building in Asia and this shows the strong hold of Dutch in the past here. These building are transformed in beautiful Ethnographic Museum, which is hot spot for tourist as it shows the cultural and traditional aspect of the city in the past.

The multicultural ambience in the city can also be felt from the famous Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. This temple is one of the oldest Chinese temples in Malaysia. All the above facts prove the presence of multicultural dominance here in different parts of history. The old part of melacca is famous for its antique shops and very rare items from history of Malaysia can be found here. As far as the present economy of this place is concern, tourism and manufacturing sectors are the most sought sector. It also very hot spot shopping centre. It is the home of many shopping centres. Mahkota Parade Shopping Centre at Plaza Mahkota, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, and Melaka Mall Shopping Complex are some of the example of shopping centre here. These shopping centres are enough to feed shopping hunger of tourist.

Apart from being a tourist spot, Malacca is one of the most advanced manufacturing centres such as food and consumer products. It is also hub of production of High tech weapons, computer parts and electronic consumer parts.

Coming back to the historical aspects of the city, the places which are must see before leaving this beautiful place is St Peter’s church, Fort A Famosa, St. John’s Fort, St Paul, Christ and Xavier church, Jonker street, Portuguese square and Tranquerah Mosque. There are other places also but these places are of great importance. After visiting these places tourist will have a clear picture of the diversification of the different culture and presence of different culture at different times. In short it is really interesting and worth exploring. Lots of things to do, check out more Malaysia Tourist Attractions.

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