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Enjoying the Vibrant Energy of Modern Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong in China is one of the most bright and beautiful in the world. It boasts a population of 7 million, with the vast majority of them being native Chinese. The city is one of two SAR regions, the other is Macau. A short explanation for a SAR, or Special Administrative Region, is that the area can make its own governmental decisions to a point. Hong Kong has a rich and varied history, dating back 39,000 years. It’s name loosely translates to fragrant harbor in English, and on that subject many Americans and tourists from other countries flock to Hong Kong in droves to experience all the wonder of this spectacular city.

When it comes to architecture, the most common type of building in the city is the skyscraper. There are more skyscrapers — 7500 of them — in Hong Kong than anywhere in the world. The tallest skyscraper in the city is the IFC2. This building has 88 stories, is situated near the shore and serves as a major hub for finance and banking. Linking the IFC1 and IFC2 skyscrapers is the IFC Mall. Another landmark of note is the Star Ferry, which carries passengers between Hong Kong and Central. Besides the fact that IFC2 is the biggest skyscraper in Hong Kong, visit for the amazing scenery you can view from this building.

In a city as populated and vibrant as Hong Kong, you can imagine the opportunities for shopping and dining to be found here. Hong Kong is well known for its amazing shopping. Some of the largest malls in the world are located here, with the biggest being the mall at Ocean Terminal. This is a popular docking station for cruise ships and a mall that has more than 50 restaurants and 700 stores. The variety of shopping opportunities at this mall is astounding. Some examples include designer name boutiques, trendy stores, small quaint shops for souvenir seekers, jewelry stores and so much more.

The nightlife in Hong Kong is not to be missed. In both Macau and Hong Kong, you will find a sizzling after dark culture that can be compared to the bright lights of Las Vegas. In the city there are casinos, which themselves have shops, restaurants, live shows and of course gambling. There are also risque shows like Chippendales dancers and burlesque performances. Then let’s not forget about the bars and nightclubs that offer drinks, laser light shows, karaoke, all night dancing and more.

There are plenty of places to stay while in the city of Hong Kong. The luxurious hotels are perfect for those visiting on business or pleasure. A few top names include the Regal Oriental, the Conrad Hong Kong Hotel, the Regal Riverside Hotel and many others. The gorgeous hotels in Hong Kong offer breathtaking views, luxurious suites, room service and price ranges to suit every traveler. No matter where you stay, it’s unlikely you’ll spend much time in your hotel because the city has so much to offer everywhere you look. That is not all, their are many more China Tourist Attractions to explore!

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