Oman Deserts

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Oman DesertsIn Oman, some of the most picturesque scenes can be found. Although the desert in mostly a barren wasteland, Oman isn’t. There are many chances to get desert time in Oman, and all of these opportunities are fantastic photography chances. The desert has some of the most beautiful landscape when the sun is rising and setting. There are rocky mountain areas, high precipices, shoreline harbors, and lots of different animals, people, and life to be found.

While it isn’t a place to go, persay, it is one of the most revered forms of activity in the world. Many people from the United States and similar Western regions have never gotten to see the beauty of the desert. Some of the most incredible places to photograph in Oman aren’t the highly respected and frequented areas of the city, it’s what escapes the eye most that’s most treasured.

The sun rises at around 6-6:30 AM in Oman. If you are so inclined, you can get some really great shots of the sunrise. At sunset, which is right near 7 pm, you can get some fantastic shots of the sunset. Getting pictures of the castles and forts are also pretty amazing. The culture of Oman is very rich in the market place. Outside venues of markets are a big part of Omans past and present. Getting pictures of people and scenes of daily life is a great photo opportunity.

In Oman, many of the native people have to be self reliant and use their desert skills to make a living. Much of the past can be seen in these peoples day to day doings.

And, besides photos, Oman is part of the desert region. There are lots of things to do in the desert, but most of them involve money. If you have enough money, you can take camel trips, take a convoy of vehicles exploring, or witness some of the wildlife in the area. Contrary to popular belief, the desert is actually full of life. There are many animals and insects that make the desert their home. Capturing them on film, however, is not an easy task. It can be done, though, using stealth they may not realize you’re even there.

Many people have never seen a camel and have never gotten to see how they store water in their hump in order to survive. These animals can make for some pretty neat photos as well. All in all, bringing back some photos of the desert region back home after your visit will entertain guests for years to come. Not many people get to visit the desert region of Oman on a vacation, so be sure to get your moneys worth. This is not all, see more Oman Tourist Attractions.

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