Qatar Tourist Attractions

Are you planning to travel to Qatar and not sure about the Qatar attractions? We decided to list several of the most common things tourists do after arriving to Qatar. One thing you will definitely need to be aware about is that they do filter internet content and some of your favorite sites may not be accessible while in Qatar. VoIP is not blocked so applications like Skype should work. We can get you around Qatar internet censorship

Over 90 percent of Qatari citizens live in Doha, here are some things that may interest you.

Here are some things that may interest you.

  1. The forts of Qatar provided a wealth of military security and support
  2. The first artistic building you should visit is the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha
  3. The Doha Corniche is a popular tourist attraction in Doha for both visitors to the country and the locals.
  4. There are many roundabouts in Doha, just like any other major city.
  5. The national museum in Qatar is fascinating. built 1901
  6. Visit the Inland Sea and Beach Heaven, most impressive natural formations in Qatar
  7. The sand dunes are amazing. Since Qatar is located in the desert, there is certainly no shortage of them.

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