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Want a chunk of the nightlife in Saudi Arabia? Well, if you’re looking for the classic American version of bars, pubs, and clubs, you aren’t going to find any. Saudi Arabia is very strict with what they allow to go on in their country and don’t allow alcohol and spirits to flow freely. Instead, they opt for a healthier version of the nightlife, one where you could just as easily find a family enjoying the scene just as you would a diehard night life enthusiast.

So where can you go in Saudi Arabia for a good time? Mostly, restaurants are the thing to experience. Along with the most famous local places to eat, there is also McDonalds and KFC for people who like the industrial version of dining.

Actually, the version of Saudi Arabia nightlife includes many of the daily activities of people who live in the country. Walking along the seaside, shopping, simple dinners and BBQ events, and just enjoying the sunset are some of the most popular night life activities. Although the absence of alcohol and scantily clad women may affect the economy negatively, it does a world of good for peoples quality of life. Instead of getting irresponsible and blowing a paycheck on booze and women, people in Saudi Arabia are left with no choice but the pure enjoyment of life.

There are local hangouts that people in Saudi Arabia like to be a part of. One of them is Tahlia street. Coffee shops and restaurants are the only place that people in Saudi Arabia can unwind. Usually, with the accompaniment of coffee and food, they are able to use these places as hangout where they can converse and share in explaining the days activities.

It may sound mundane and boring, but the nightlife is especially alive in Saudi Arabia. People are cleaner, better kept, and life represents a different set of values than the typical American way of life. Religion is very important, and on a nightly basis, people gather to celebrate the joy of God in their mosques that have been built for their enjoyment.

Saudi Arabia is a highly regulated environment and there is little to do outside of the normal, accepted way of life. There is Internet access, juice bars, and places that represent life very well, but there is absolutely no riff-raff allowed. No partying, no drugs, no alcohol, nothing that would disrupt the harmony of daily life as the governmental authorities see fit.

That doesn’t mean that fun is off limits though! There is much enjoyment to be found in the happy activities in life, like seaside strolls and exercise. People in Saudi Arabia would be the healthiest country in the world if it wasn’t for their financial setbacks. You can usually find people simply enjoying the pleasure of their activities at night, such as socializing and staying fit. Health and spirituality is as much a part of the nightlife in Saudi Arabia as the word itself. It’s one in the same. That is just one attraction, see more Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions.

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