Shopping in Saudi Arabia

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Shopping in Saudi Arabia is quite an affair. There are many places to get shopping done for prices that rival the stores in the United States. While Saudi Arabia is primarily rich because of their oil export, they have done fantastically well in developing shopping centers and stores that offer their citizens everything they need to live a comfortable life. In comparison to the United States, Saudi Arabia is not quite as rich, but they do well in using the resources they have to make life a better place for the people who inhabit their country.

Where can you do some fantastic shopping in Saudi Arabia? Well, because the country is so conservative, shopping malls serve a dual purpose. They are used as both a shopping locale and a place to hang out. Saudi Arabia doesn’t doesn’t deem dance clubs to be socially acceptable, so they never get built. The same with bars and pubs. The most popular shopping malls in Saudi Arabia include the 90+ shopping malls in Jeddah City. Of these, there are a few that really stand out. The Red Sea Mall is one of these.

The Red Sea Mall features 16,000 meters of shopping space that sports the atmosphere of modern day living. It’s called the Danube Hypermarket, and it has the best of organic and diet foods available. There is also fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, herbs, cherry tomatoes from Holland, and a whole lot more. The Danube Hypermarket could be looked at like the king of all supermarkets.

French cheeses that rival the best in all the world are directly imported from France. There is not many cheeses that are good enough to be in competition with these, and people flock from all over Saudi Arabia to discover the joy of high quality cheese.

Complete with a households section, the Danube Hypermarket displays Italian silver trays and ceramics. The highest quality kitchenwares are also available for purchase along with linen, towels, and comforters.

For kids, the Red Sea mall features the Oceanica themed children’s entertainment area. For the adults and teenagers, there is a 20 lane bowling facility that has billiards and similar games on the ground floor.

The food court is equally spectacular, featuring 45 food and beverage outlets to satisfy the growing number of patrons they currently service. Great food is a part of the atmosphere at the Red Sea Mall, and with 45 different places to eat, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a cuisine that is to your liking.

A shuttle bus service, valet parking, taxi drop off and pick up, and parking for persons with disabilities are all available for customers of the Red Sea Mall.

A picture gallery, mall events, and special events are offered by the management of the mall in order to bring a little extra life to the ordeal of having a shopping trip. Things like face painting, clowns, and balloons are all a part of the fun. Out door light, laser, and fireworks shows add even more value to the already low prices of the mall. Almost everything you’ll find at the Red Sea Mall is high quality. There isn’t much to get in the way of your good times and the mall is always kept up to the very highest standards of cleanliness. That is just one attraction, see more Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions.

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