Shopping Malls in UAE

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Shopping Malls in UAE:

Deira City Centre: This shopping area in Deira City has many stores to choose from. There is shopping, dining, entertainment, mall activities, hotels, and more. Pretty much everything you could want in a shopping center is here. There are even convenient banking options like ATM machines. With over 340 stores in total, you can find everything you need in walking distance. If you come here with a fully loaded credit card, you can save yourself the gas money it takes to visit separate stores. That’s one way the Deira City Centre has gotten to be effective in saving their consumers money. Over 20 million people flock to this highly popular shopping extravaganza, with some even booking a hotel at their affordable Hotel Novotel.

IBN Battuta: Found on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, this shopping mall is named after the legendary Ibn Battuta, a famous explorer who made his name in the 1300’s. Because the man, Ibn Battuta, was noted to have travelled to six prominent countries, there is a shopping section designed after each of them. China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, and Andalusia. One for each. It also has the only IMAX theatre available within the United Arab Emirates. While it may sound like it revolves around the travels of Ibn Battuta, this shopping mall has the same outlet stores that many of the most popular malls have.

Mall of the Emirates: With nearly 6.5 million square feet of shopping splendor, the Mall of the Emirates has a great deal to offer there shopping patrons. A movie theatre, an arcade, tons of stores, and a real drama theatre! The first indoor ski slope, the very first of it’s kind, was built to satisfy the growing need for an immediately available exercise venue. Directly near the mall, outside, is a 10,000 square foot supermarket. Once again, the UAE has presented an effective one-stop-shop for their citizens. The Mall of the Emirates has great prices, and with outlet stores right on track with retail pricing schematics, you couldn’t ask for more.

The Dubai Mall: This is by far the biggest mall of them all. The largest in the world, actually. As a part of the Burj Khalifa complex, patrons can choose from a whopping 1,200 stores. An aquarium and underwater zoo, sporting the worlds largest clear acrylic viewing panel, allows visitors an inside view of over 33,000 types of marine life. An equally proportionate mix of marine life is what the designers were after, and with over 400 sharks, they built it according to real life nature. A living, growing, ecological masterpiece is an accurate description of the Dubai Mall aquarium. Perfect for all ages, the Dubai Mall can satisfy all, and we do mean ALL, of your shopping needs in one place. The Dubai Mall does consistently fantastic business and carries the title of the largest mall in the world with finesse.

Now that you know of the major shopping malls and centers in the United Arab Emirates, you’ll be better prepared to visit this fantastic country. Malls are just one of many UAE Tourist Attractions.

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