Socotra Island in Yemen

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Socotra IslandIf you visit the Republic of Yemen, your not far from Socotra Island. Socotra Island is a wonder to behold. There are 55,000 people who live there and there’s no shortage of amazing things to experience. They even have their own district language and a wealth of culture to take in. The language is called Soqotri, which is a Semetic language. They also speak the Arab version of the Yemen language. The nature of the island is especially wonderful. Here is an amazing fact you may not have known before, a third of the plant life found on Socotra Island can not be found anywhere else on earth. This happens through the process of speciation. Some people say the island looks like the strangest thing in the world.

Not only that, but the flora and fauna, meaning plant life, that is there is part of the ten most endangered flora and fauna balances in the world. There are over 800 species of plant life, and a third of them will only be found on the island, nowhere else on the planet. One of the most striking of these is called the Dragons Blood Tree! This plant was highly sought after for its red sap for medicine and also as a paint and varnish. A few others are the cucumber tree, which of course looks like a giant cucumber, and the giant succulent tree. There is also the rare Socotran pomegranate and many others.

Amazingly enough, such a large island only has one native inhabitant. The bat. Over time, other species inhabited the island as well. There are also rare species of animals that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, the Bunting, Starling, Sunbird, Sparrow, Warbler, and Cisticola. Other introduced species to the island include goats, which researchers are worried may encroach upon the many unique flora and fauna through grazing. Efforts are underway to circumvent such occurrences from causing the extinction of these plants.

Aside from the plant life, there is the aqua lagoon at Qalansiya on the Socotra Island. The snowish white dunes at Ras Momi, and more. It is a very spiritual land, shrouded in mystery. Some people say that because bats are the only species that inhabit the island naturally, that it is much older than previously thought. In fact, the island could date back to the point before mammals appeared on earth.

Visiting such a fantastic place might be worth considering, even though it isn’t part of Yemen physically. Yemen owns it and decides what happens on the island. Such a beautiful place with so many inhabitants, a unique language, and a separate plant and animal life has to be worth the price of admission, there is no doubt. There are many tours available where you can find everything you need to have the time of your life. Enjoy! Wow, but their are many more Yemen Tourist Attractions.

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