Water Parks in UAE

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Dreamland Aqua ParkWater parks in the UAE are just as much fun as they are in the USA. We’re going to give you a rough overview of the best places to go for water park fun! These water parks are all located in the United Arab Emirates.

Dreamland Aqua Park: The Dreamland Aqua Park is phenomenal! It’s one of the largest water parks in the region, sporting a wide array of fun things to do and water slides to experience. There is a Family Raft Ride, wave pool, and even a high salinity tank that simulates what it’s like to float in the Dead Sea! Alcoholic drinks are allowed in the Jacuzzi area, with a really impressive Pool Bar that accommodates those who like to mix dining and the refreshing experience of cool water. A video game arcade, lots of rides, and a fantastic group of water park lifeguards make this water park a fantastic place to visit on vacation.

Aquaventure is another cool vacation destination. A water park like no other, Aquaventure features a short water park ride called Shark Attack. People who participate get fed through a pipe. On both sides of the tube you go through, there are sharks. Lots of em’! This water park is located in Dubai, at the Atlantis Hotel. A huge family play structure allows families to enjoy every minute of the trip. 700 meters of private beach allow you to experience the sand and sun of the real thing. This water park also holds special events, and has some of the most unique water rides in the area.

Wild Wadi is another one of the UAE’s famous water park locations. This water park is based around the folk lore surrounding Juha, a prominent character in Arabian folk lore. Wipeout Flowrider is one of only four of this kind of ride in the world. It’s like one giant wave that you get to try and surf. Pretty neat. This ride can give you a pretty good work out too, especially if you know how to surf or water board. Breakers Bay is the largest wave pool in the UAE and gives visitors a chance to really experience what it’s like to be in a large wave environment. Life jackets are even provided for those who are less than sure of themselves.

These three water parks in the United Arab Emirates look like a lot of fun. Given the chance, being able to visit all of them would be ideal. They are located in different location in the UAE, so visiting only one of your choice is probably a more likely scenario. Water parks are wonderful for exercise and will benefit your families health in incredible ways. Only through swimming do we gain a true, full body workout with almost zero impact on the joints. If you’re looking for fun and sun without the dangers of the beach, then the numerous water parks in the UAE are going to be perfect for you. This is just one of many UAE Tourist Attractions.

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