San Pedro Belize

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Hot Nights in San Pedro Belize

Located on Ambergris Caye is the town of San Pedro, Belize. It is the major town on the island and a sizzling place for fun nightlife and so much more. Although it is the main area of the island, it is only about a mile in length and has only a few blocks, making it an ideal destination for exploration on foot. You’ll discover quaint zinc roof homes made from wood, a wide range of restaurants, souvenir shops and boutiques, and even banks. In San Pedro, the dress code is super casual and you want to wear shoes made for walking on the sand. The majority of people travel the unpaved roads of this town by foot, bicycle, scooters and golf carts.

The nightlife in San Pedro just can’t be beat. You’re already in a tropical paradise with a laid-back vibe, so you can imagine after dark things will be just as laid-back and fun. One of the very hottest places to visit when the sun goes down is the Jaguar Temple Bar. Serving up a plethora of drink choices, this bar also offers dancing and an amazing mix of music. Some nights there are special events like karaoke and laser light shows. Many university students visiting San Pedro frequent the Jaguar Temple Bar.

If you want to visit a club with a Latin flair, then you must go to the aptly named Latin Club. There is no cover charge to enter, and the music is Spanish. There is a small dance floor, with a wide screen television for patrons at the bar to enjoy. It is not nearly as packed as the Jaguar Temple Bar, so if you’re looking for a quiet spot to hang out the Latin Club might be right for you. Because there are fewer patrons, the bartenders are able to give special attention to their patrons so keep that in mind if you value good customer service and staff interaction.

For a drink on the beach, check out Crazy Canuck’s. This little establishment is one of the beachfront bars that offer a view of the ocean, great people watching, friendly service and of course your choice of alcoholic beverage. Beachfront bars are great when visiting San Pedro because you are right there on the sand, by the ocean. Sometimes there are beach parties with torches for light, food, music, dancing and drinks for tourists to enjoy.

There are plenty of places to stay when visiting San Pedro. For example, the Blue Reef Island Resort might appeal to you. The suites here are ultra luxurious and there are many activities that can be planned either right at, or right from the resort. Another popular place to stay is the SunBreeze Beach Hotel, a beachfront hotel built in a U-shape. It is located within a short distance to some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving found anywhere. These are only a fraction of the accommodations available in San Pedro, Belize. Explore more top Belize Tourist Attractions.

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